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Micron Memory Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Job Summary
  • Experience 8-10 Years
  • Telecommuting

Job Description

As a Test Equipment Engineer at MMP, you need to support on the equipment/process development, Make decision and solve the problem, meet the expectations and requirements of internal/external customers and create and maintain relationships. Besides, You also need continue to improve engineering capability and personal/professional development. In addition, you also need mentoring other TMs and ensure consistently perform in a safe manner.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Equipment and Process and Development: -Develop and modify appropriate processes for product quality control, and production efficiency -Qualify design changes to equipment or processes -Develop equipment for production applications

· Identify process deviations

· Determine origin of deviation and isolate cause

· Adequately evaluate equipment performance, throughput and reliability

· Understand the processes dependant on equipment and equipment limitations

· Ensure device quality through qualification

· Ensure critical Process items are addressed in the qualification such as: Thermal issues, ESD issues, Safety issues, Calibration issues, and Software

· Access and use manufacturers maintenance manuals

· Interpret manufacturers schematics, terminology, and symbols

· Develop expertise on engineering tools required to support the area (i.e. Oscilloscope, force gauge, smart scope, etc.)

Decision Making & Problem Solving: -Make effective decisions -Effectively prioritize and address problems in the area

· Implement sound decisions based on experimentation results and data collections

· Take responsibility for decisions

· Facilitate group decision making process

· Respond to changes in priorities in a positive manner, providing constructive feedback to appropriate people when necessary

· Use all available resources and information when prioritizing projects

· Monitor progress to measure desired results

· Able to set goals and define task priorities

· Be pro-active: anticipate and analyze problems

· Generate alternative solutions, select the best solution and develop an action plan

· Use problem solving skills to resolve issues before they escalate

· Target appropriate data when designing experiments

· Determine data requirements

· Validate an experiment

· Validate experiment conclusions

· Summarize experiments and document results

· Use sound Design of Experiment (DOE) concepts

· Ensure reliability of data

· Document experimentation and data collection efforts appropriately

Customer Service: -Meet the expectations and requirements of internal/external customers -Create and maintain relationships

· Use appropriate formats for summation and presentation of data and analysis such as SPC, databases, charts, graphs, and reports

· Meet project timelines

· Respond quickly and positively to all customers

· Re-prioritize work when customer needs change

· Recognize all customer needs and respond with respect

· Practice open and friendly body language and eye contact

· Use problem solving skills to resolve issues before they escalate

· Understand the impact of equipment modifications and processes, and identify affected customer groups

· Ability to work on, or lead technical teams as developed to address specific problems

· Effectively improve equipment to address Production and ES Process problems

· Coordinate, document, and implement changes and new process across affected equipment and sites

Continuous Improvement: -Continue to improve engineering capability -Ongoing personal and professional development -Be innovative in design and drive change in the area

· Drive change within Micron in area of technical influence

· Challenge existing paradigms and suggest alternatives

· Clearly identify supplier and Micron intellectual property

· Develop forward looking and flexible designs

· Develop new ideas to address complex technical problems

· Explore new ideas

· Identify patentable inventions

· Make timely disclosures of patentable inventions

· Keep proper records for obtaining a patent

· Understand how patent rights are lost

· Use effective design practices

· Consider device quality in design

· Develop diagrams and schematics including the correct terminology, notes, and symbols

· Use ergonomic design practices and take into account end user applications

· Minimize rework

· Conduct an evaluation or experiment to `prove-out` the new design or process

· Develop intuitive technical skills through experience

· Implement and verify solution

· Remain actively involved in quality improvement

Communicate Information: -Accurately relate technical information to appropriate personnel -Maintain effective communications with internal/external customers -Apply meeting and facilitation skills

· Write effective DOE

· Generate clear and accurate meeting minutes

· Develop supplier documentation (buyoff criteria, issues list, etc.)

· Host supplier meetings and effectively communicate Microns requirements

· Generate and deliver a presentation to a technical audience

· Understand use of Project Vault and proper project tracking methods

· Engage Focus Team concepts to address global issues

· Properly engage internal and external customers to address project goals

· Keeps all impacted groups in the communication loop

· Understands documentation types (Supplier feedback, equipment reports, acceptance criteria, etc.) and is effective in all applicable documentation associated to their role

· Display knowledge of and use proper methods for project cost, and Return on Investment (ROI) modeling

· Develop proper project documentation

· Encourage and mentor proper project management techniques

· Work as mentor for production and ES on equipment issues

· Develop installation and calibration procedures for production equipment

· Develop training programs (using available resources) for production and ES

· Work with suppliers on equipment design and Micron requirements

· Evaluate customer requirements and direct supplier in addressing these requirements

· Identify areas for equipment improvements and work with the supplier to implement the best solutions

· Travel to supplier to evaluate equipment for Micron (any site) application

· Know and use correct terminology for electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems

Mentoring: -Share knowledge and experience with other team members

· Works as an effective mentor

· Develop and conduct training for production, ES and engineering

· Develops and maintains the respect of peers, leadership and customers

· Simplify & refine current processes; eliminate unnecessary processes

· Develop missing/necessary processes

· Document changes to equipment or process and facilitate production and ES training

· Encourage and mentor proper qualification techniques

· Use basic SOJT training techniques and adult learning principles

· Be informed of processes and procedures

· Build trust and mutual respect in order to provide support to learners

· Demonstrate a flexible style that facilitates different learning styles

· Apply experience in answering questions for learner before, during and after training

· Work through training scenarios and challenges with shift leadership

Profile Summary

Type : Company job

Role : Senior Executive

Industry : Semiconductor/Wafer Fabrication

Salary : MYR 5,000 - 7,000

Deadline: 2019-12-08

Company Profile

Micron is a global leader in the semiconductor industry. For more than 35 years, Micron has dedicated itself to collaborating with customers and partners to engineer technology that drives innovation and transform what's possible. Micron offers the industry's broadest portfolio of silicon-to-semiconductor memory solution - starting with foundational DRAM, NAND and NOR flash memory, and extending to SSDs, modules, MCPs, HMC and other semiconductor systems. This best-in-class technology powers leading-edge computing, consumer, enterprise server and storage, networking, embedded, automotive, industrial and mobile products. Micron maintains a manufacturing facility in the picturesque port city of Muar, Johor,Malaysia. The site is responsible for assembling and testing memory devices used in the consumer, computing, mobile, server, automotive, industrial and medical markets. Located in close proximity to our three wafer fabrication plants in Singapore, the site is able to take advantage of logistical efficiencies. In addition to an attractive business environment, one of the key strengths of the Muar site is found in our people. The site consists of team members with more than 20 years of semiconductor experience coupled with talented new hires from Malaysia’s strong university and technical college system. Micron provides opportunities for team members' personal and career development through challenging work assignments, training and educational programs. We hire, train, develop and educate a workforce that is competent in performing job expectations by providing orientation, job specific training, professional certification, external training and various continuous learning opportunities.
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